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The Magic of Minimalism

If this look at Fumio Sasaki's shift to minimalism has you curious to learn more, I think you'll enjoy his book:

Goodbye, Things

In decluttering our lives and saying goodbye to most material possessions that we truly don't need, there is so much to gain in freedom, focus, and a spirit of gratitude.


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Less is more is very true, We live in a consumer shopping society where advertising
pushes us to have and buy more. Just one simple example, I live in a town where snack foods are made. I do not eat potato chips or pretzels but you can find them here in the supermarkets, probably 14 different flavors, and 8 different manufacturers in the USA who make them. We seem to have gotten away from basic simplicity in so many ways!.
It took me years to pare my stuff down. I now own about 20% of what I used to and I feel much lighter and free-er now. Moving several times gets you to evaluate everything you own. I did read THE LIFE CHANGING MAJIC OF TIDYING UP by marie kondo, and that was one great bit of information that helped. I also like looking at the tiny houses, maybe 300-400 s.f., although I do think they are way too narrow. I like lots of land with a well designed interior in a small house, maybe 600 s.f.
Thank you again for interesting suggestions, namaste', rachel