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The Big Picture

The Korean government is proposing to use tax-payer money to pay down personal debt of newlyweds that have babies. Why?

Korea is facing an impending population crisis with a fertility rate of 0.8, the world's lowest. For contrast, in 2022, the fertility rate was 1.492 and 1.782 in Canada and the U.S., respectively.

The Korean government's proposal is similar to a program that was implemented in Hungary in 2019, one that offered newlyweds a low interest rate loan of $26,800, with half of this forgiven for the birth of one baby, and the entire amount forgiven for 3 babies. Read more


How to Make Spicy Miso Soup


The quantities listed below make approximately 4-6 medium-size servings.

Ingredients: Read more


Gentle Shoulder Roll To Improve Agility and Balance

When you become comfortable with this sort of gentle rolling on a padded surface, your body becomes more capable of protecting itself in the event of an accidental fall. The idea is to condition your core and all of your major joints to allow for more fluid movement on the ground. Read more


How to Stretch Out Tight Trap Muscles (Upper Shoulder & Lower Neck)

These are two stretches that are effective for stretching out chronically tight trapezius muscles.

Tight traps can be a cause of intermittent shoulder and neck pain, as well as limited back and neck mobility.

Be sure that your body is well warmed up before you do these stretches, and as always, err on the side of the conservative. Read more


Gentle Rolling To Condition Your Core & Improve Spinal and Shoulder Mobility

This is a simple routine that can be done on a large mattress or gym or yoga mat. Though it doesn't look like much, this type of rolling is effective in improving general spinal mobility, shoulder mobility, core strength, and overall proprioception. Read more


Do You Care And Do You Want Me To Continue?


From Our Mailbag:

Hi Ben, Read more


Christmas Holiday Song Playlist

I put together a few of my favourites in a playlist at our YouTube channel. I'll continue to add to this playlist in the days ahead.

Wishing everyone a safe and love-filled Christmas and holiday season.

- Ben Read more



Bone Broth

James Lavish on The Road Ahead

Here, James Lavish and Saifedean Ammous explain in concrete terms why all paths lead to more money printing to finance government expenses. Understanding money and why governments continue to print more of it to fund their expenses is essential to learning how to be financially healthy. Read more