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Improve Posture & Reverse Slouching

Fabric Resistance Band Set I Use

In order to have healthy joints as we age, it's essential that we actively take our major joints through their full range of motion every day.

Ideally, we want to work our way up to actively taking our joints through their full range with a little resistance, as our joints were designed to carry out tasks that require some strength through their natural range of motion.

Whether at home or on the road, I strive to take my shoulders through this short and simple daily routine that keeps my shoulders and thoracic spinal region highly functional - this simple routine, done 2-3 times daily with a light resistance band, is my best practical solution for those wishing to reverse or prevent slouching.

Why do this multiple times a day? Because our tissues are never in a static state, and after about the age of 25, all of us experience ongoing degenerative changes that occur while living under gravitational force and with everyday oxidative stressors.

To have healthy joints for as long as possible requires that we regularly combat these natural degenerative forces. When we prioritize taking care of our joints, we naturally optimize the length of our tissues. Put another way, the most effective stretching routines are those that involve actively taking our joints through their full natural range.


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