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Natural Treatment For Warts

If you or someone you know can use a natural remedy for wart removal, I think that it's worth your while to try the following treatment, sent in by Charley and Judy Triplett.


Our family has something to share that works to get rid of warts.

Our young son suffered with many warts on his hands, beginning at age three, through beginning of kindergarten. There were so many warts, especially on the outside of his fingers, the children did not want to hold his hand during activities, and made fun of him.

We had taken him to our physician, and went to dermatologist referrals for years prior to kindergarten, but were always told they would just go away. They did not want to freeze or burn them off due to possible scaring and the large concentrations of warts.

The dermatologist finally prescribed a caustic type wart remover. We used this for awhile, until the caps came off the warts, and it became very painful to apply the solution. The warts oozed and were like raw meat. This was not the solution, just torture to our son and for us in having to inflict the burning pain when applying it. It was a mess! We were told to continue the treatment, but thought better of it. The warts returned with a vengeance!

We read up on natural cures for warts, and the most highly recommended treatment was topical daily application of vitamin A (25,000 IU). We bought some gel-caps, pricked them with a pin, and put this on his warts every night at bedtime. Some rubbed off on the bed clothes, but our son was not in pain, and this is what washing machines are for. There were so many warts, we had to use two gel-caps in the beginning to squeeze a light film on all his warts.

The article said the warts would slowly disappear, taking a month or two. We followed this regimen every night, and sure enough, the warts completely went away, with no pain and with no scaring. He has only had a couple of warts since, and we do the "vitamin A" thing - it works every time. Our son is now 14 years old.

I have used vitamin A for planters warts too - and it worked! I had a couple burned out years ago, and the needle in the bottom of the foot needed to deaden it was painful. There's no pain with vitamin A.

We have friends who have a daughter that had a wart problem similar to our son's, but they were on her neck under her chin - dozens of warts. They did the physician and dermatologist thing, with the same recommendation and results: pain and no solution. I told him about vitamin A, gave him some capsules to get started, and in a month or two, no warts.

Both dermatologists scoffed at our remedy, but their children were not the ones with the warts!

This really works, and I wonder if you can share the reason why. Others should be so informed.

Thanks for all the knowledge you share.

Charley and Judy Triplett


I cannot give a definitive reason for why this remedy is effective for wart removal. Perhaps it has to do with vitamin A's role in building and maintaining healthy epithelial linings, including that of the skin.

As I mentioned above, I don't see any harm in trying this remedy. The only caveat is to be sure that there are no open wounds that could easily allow large amounts of vitamin A to become easily absorbed into the blood stream. Large doses of vitamin A can create toxic effects in the body.

Hopefully, it will work as well for everyone who tries it as it did for the Tripletts and their friends.

Thank you again, Charley and Judy.


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I had numerous warts on my feet when I was younger. Tried virtually all of the over-the-counter wart removers. They didn't help. Most of the warts went away after years. One wart remained. I remembered always being embarrassed by the wart on the bottom of my foot, so even during labor I kept my socks on!!

I went to the dermatologist who tried to freeze it off which just caused me pain and a lot of money. The wart didn't go away.

One day I was searching the internet, and I came across a site that suggested putting Vitamin A directly on the wart. What the heck, I gave it a whirl. Oh my gosh, the wart went away. I could not believe it. So simple! No pain and it was cheap!

So, yes, it's true. Vitamin A, warts away!!!


Can somebody tell me how to get Vitamin A? Is this available as a gel in medical shops?

Any drug store will have it. It usually comes in 8,000 IU form though and you want the more concentrated form of 25,000 IU. Fish oil capsules also have lots of vitamin A.


I read your comments about warts - and enjoyed your response!

Are you my friend from Bloomington? I've been trying to find you for years!


About 40 years ago, when I was 10 years old in the 1960's my brother and I had warts all over our hands and feet, for about a year. Our doctor (a traditional doctor) told us he heard of some success when taking large doses of Vit A ORALLY for a short period, but that caution was needed. (Too much vit A is toxic.)

I don't remember what the dose was. I do remember his instruction were to stop using it if it doesn't work in (I'm guessing 2 weeks but not sure so research needed). We both started to take the vitamins and by the 5th day were noticing the warts start to disappear. At that point my mother called the doctor and he advised us to stop taking the vitamin. That was all that was needed!!!!!

The warts went away and have never returned!!!!!!

I have tons of warts on my right wrist thumb in between my thumb my pointer finger in my pointer finger on my index finger and my right heel I just start with putting the vitamin A on the warts 3 -4 times a day is it better to take orally

Just like Anonymous, in the early 60's I had a deep plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. The doctor took one look and said he could not burn it off it was too deep. He had my mom get a 30 day supply of Vit A, don't know how much, but I had to take it all 30 days. The wart went away half way through the month but finished the prescription, not another wart appeared since.

Hi Diane,
Having a similar issue, have had the same plantar on my food for over 6 years. I have tried everything, and end up crying, trying to cut off the wart,dermotologist and foot doc say they can'te help me. I literally shower standing on one foot in fear my wart will spread to other food. Last time i did the duct tape thing and it appeared to backfire because now there are 2 tine warts next to the big one, The derm froze the 2 small ones but don't think they are gone either. So i bought 25,000 vit a yesterday and put it directly onto the big one after using a pumice stone and then let it dry for about a half hour. then i covered with duct tape and wrapped my foot up. What I can't find in reading all the vit. a stories... do you apply it to the foot then just out a sock on 24/7? Or did you cover it with tap/gauze? I feel like gauze would just soak up the vit A making it pointless. Only reason I want to keep the wart covered is because I fear it will spread. Last question... did you take the vitamin orally too? I'm reading you can but it's very strong and can be toxic. Any advice would be great. Thanks, I'm so miserable with my foot! :/

The original story is very similar to my experience with my now 15yo daughter. I gave her vit a orally AND pricked a capsule and applied it topically and it worked. Now she has another wart after all these years and I researched again and as long as you don't take more than 10,000 IU per day, you should be ok and it is actually very beneficial to your health.

Hi Laura, I know this is an old post but curious as to if your wart went away? I have used the vitamin a oil on 4 people and it has worked EVERY TIME... Some were easy and fast the ones who took 1 vitamin a oil orally but I also had them apply a thin coat on each wart and those who took orally the warts were disappearing by day 10 and completely gone by week 2-3. My grandchild is only applying oil onto warts at night and at week 3 they are DEFINITELY dying but seems like its taking longer then the oral and once applied oil to the warts.

My son has 16 warts all over his hands. We have been in this fight for years. We are starting our vitamin A treatment tonight (10/20/16) for the first time. Let's see how this goes.

How did it go?

I just wanted to add that when my daughter was just 4 yrs. old (that was 30 years ago!), I stumbled upon an article for using vitamin A oil for wart removal. We had the same results as Charley and Judy. Wart removal "kits" on the market are not only a waste of money, but the warts usually also return!

Wow! I can't believe you knew about this 30 years ago. I think modern medicine has hidden this truth from the masses and finally resurfacing.
Such a simple and pain free treatment, yet apparently very effective!

and the treatments now are TORTURE!

That's wonderful that vitamin A worked for you all. All it did for me was dye my socks a deep orange. I struggled with plantar warts for almost a year, trying various non-toxic, non-invasive remedies I read about. The only thing that worked was nail polish. Strange, I know. After getting out of the shower, I blotted the bottoms of my feet with a towel and painted over the miniature potholes. The theory is that it suffocates the virus from the outside. It was a pain to wait for it to dry, but it was worth it as they were gone after about a month. Or maybe it was a coincidence and my body suddenly decided it had had enough of 'em. Or maybe it was the summer visit to California that did it. :) Hope this helps someone.

I have heard about taking a large dose of Vitamnin A for plantar warts, not as a topical treatment. What is the toxicity? Has anyone else had experience with this?

My daughter's plantar warts were cured with banana skins! Tape the skin to the area and leave on overnight (or longer if possible). Eventually the wart is drawn out and the dead cells can be removed. Continue this until it's all gone. This remedy might be a little messy and inconvenient at times, but quite painless and very effective. Our daughter played tennis at an elite level so we certainly did not want any painful, invasive treatments on her feet.

My 10 year old son woke up one day to hundreds of warts along the side of both feet. I was horrified! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and I couldn’t believe he didn’t tell me that his feet were covered in warts! The first doctor recommended painful laser surgery and I thought he was nuts! Then I ran into a local podiatrist while shopping and told her my dilemma. She recommended that I have him take 10K IU of Vit A for 10 days. It was a flipping miracle! His warts began shedding off in a few days. Don’t read this and wait. Go try it! It’s simple, painless and cheap. Best wishes! PS I never write comments but this one needed to be shared. :)

Thank you for sharing, Ginger. When supplementing with high amounts of vitamin A, it's important to know that over the long term, one can experience some negative effects, as excess amounts can accumulate within the body, vitamin A being a fat-soluble micronutrient. Over the short term as in your son's case, there shouldn't be much to be concerned with. Just want to point this out for those who may not know that A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble and all have potential to accumulate within the body's tissues and cause some problems over the long term if too much are taken.

I was just telling someone about this remedy because I go rid of warts that way too. I had them all over my thumbs for several years and started taking vitamin A orally and 2 weeks later the warts were gone. I was astonished and very pleased.

I had many warts on my hands, feet and actually in my nose as a 12 - 15 year old. I tried freezing, topical acids, magic (old potato and stumpwater hillbilly treatment)I had several surgically removed. Always painful and always came back. I went to a specialist and he pointed out that I had warts in the area between my fingernails and the normal skin that kept re-infesting my body, especially my nose and hands. He froze these, gave me a shot of Vitamin A. Also prescribed me 50,000 IU of Vitamin A twice a day for 2 weeks. I've looked online and 100,000 IU is a lot, but not toxic for adults but please check with a doctor before trying or do the research. After about 10 days, the remaining warts turned black and fell off! I remained clear until my late 20's when I had a couple appear. I tried topical and oral vitamin A and within a week they fell right off.
Now, in my 50's I had 2 small warts appear and bought the 25,000 iu Vitamin A and after 3 days I see them disappearing with oral and topical.
I think it has a lot to do with my immune system and the vitamin A along with proper rest along with b complex, C and D vitamins, and proper diet helps jump start my immune system to naturally repair or suppress the virus that causes warts. Viruses never go away, so proper immune system maintenance must keep them suppressed. I'm a 54 year old believer.
My question is, is there any difference between the prescription Vitamin A, the OTC fish oil type and the synthetic Vitamin A that's used in artificial milk products?
Thanks and good luck.

You would have to check with each individual supplier, as there are different forms of retinoic acid that can be used and called vitamin A. That is my understanding.

In 1956 what appeared to be ring worm appeared on my skin in many places. My MD examined me and told me that at sometime I had rickets when he explained I knew the exact time that my body had reacted as he had said. He told me that my body does not absorb Vitamin A as it should, so not to be concerned about overdosing, to ask a pharmacist about the freshest he had OTC and start taking 25,000 units a day for the remainder of my life. Within 3 days the skin eruptions were gone. I'm happy to learn it also rids the body of warts. If it is taken regularly gives one a beautiful skin.

This worked for me years back after five months of other treatments (burning, acid, salt injection) didn't, on warts that were around and under my nails (on hand!). Actually it was POWDERED retinyl palmitate that worked, applied on top of the warts and bandaged up - warts fell off in eight days and by day 16 they were healed up.

I actually stumbled on the retinyl palmitate idea when I read a New England Journal of Medicine article on skin growths, skin cancers and the role of retinyl palmitate (specifically this form of Vit A) in halting growth. This treatment really should be more common knowledge!

Lise, would you call that a subingual and periungal wart (you can google for pics)? I have one of those and it is awful. I have tried absolutely every last thing I have read about, so this is my next try.

I have 8000 IU of Vit A and wonder if that's effective enough?

Do the warts require any preparation before layering the Vit A on? Do I need to use a file or stone to roughen it to get the Vit A inside of the wart or do you just keep putting it on every day without cutting it or filing? I'm scared to take it internally so I will use it topically.