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Thoughts on Abundance Mentality and the Law of Reciprocity

In reflecting upon the last couple decades of my life, it occurs to me that the best and most memorable times coincided with periods when I was feeling most whole and walked with a giving spirit.

Yes, thoughts on abundance mentality and the law of reciprocity are esoteric and viewed as mysticism by some, but my years here have shown me time and time again that the more I give and look to be of service, the higher I elevate in my own mental, spiritual, physical, and financial health.

I hope that our boys will find this to be true in their lives as they go through various rites of passage.

To learn how to be self sufficient, to look to be of service (anonymously whenever possible), and to learn to discern between causes worth supporting and those who consistently look to take advantage of others - this is a profoundly simple blueprint that seems to allow for a meaningful trek.

Sending love and light to all.


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