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Less Coffee, More Dreams, Better Sleep

From Our Mailbag (shared with permission)

Hey Ben,

Long time reader, first time writing in to say thanks for all of your health and life hacks.

When I took in your info on how long caffeine stays in the body and how this can affect my sleep, I decided on the spot to stop cold turkey and see for myself.

The first 2.5 to 3 days were tough man. I had like a piercing headache right behind my eyes almost the whole time and had to take tylenol to get through.

Stoked to say that I’m going on day 12 today and I can vouch for this no coffee thing 100%. The most amazing thing is that I’m dreaming again. I didn’t realize that I can’t remember dreaming much since moving out to the valley many years ago. I’ve been a part of 3 startups and 12 hour work days are a regular thing. Having dreams again is awesome!

I’ve also noticed that I wake up feeling heavy like I’ve left a body print in my mattress. I thought my sleep was good enough before but there’s no doubt that it’s a deeper sleep I’m getting now and the proof is that I don’t feel like I am crashing mid day. I get a little tired in the afternoon sometimes but I can get through it whereas before, I had no choice but to catch a nap in a pod.

I miss my blue bottle coffee and want to have one sometimes but I am loving the dreaming and deep sleep so much that I want to go as long as I can without.

Thanks for all the great stuff Ben!



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