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Flash Sale Plus Newly Arrived Lots of Our Coconut Milk Powder and Peruvian Organic Dried Mangoes

We hope this impromptu back to school flash sale is a well received bonus for those who have been waiting on our new lots of coconut milk powder and Peruvian organic dried mangoes to arrive, which they have!

Our coconut milk powder, excellent as a delicious dairy-free creamer for coffee and tea and a satisfying addition to smoothies and soups for their healthy fatty acids is available here:

Clients often note that including coconut milk powder in their morning routine leads to less hunger until lunch.

Our grade A organic dried mangoes direct from Peru are available here:

Rich in natural vitamin C that supports tissue healing and lowers risk of all types of cancer, just a few pieces of these sun ripened organic mangoes go a long way whenever there's a need for a quick source of energy or a craving for something sweet.

Flash Sale Items:

Organic Whole Food Multi Powder - 20% off - formulated with the best of organic greens and organic reds, D-3, and enough B-12 and B-6 to protect the cardiovascular and nervous systems against premature damage from homocysteine accumulation:

Natural Vitamin C (Organic Acerola Cherry Powder) - 15% off - our popular all-natural vitamin C powder that supports tissue healing, optimal immune function, and healthy bones, teeth, and gums:

Arnica Plus Inflammation Cream - 20% off - our blend of Arnica montana, MSM, essential oils, and other natural compounds that help facilitate movement of lymphatic fluids through a congested area:

Organic Plant Protein Blend - 16% off - our delicious vanilla chai plant protein blend with organic turmeric and aloe to support optimal cellular health and communication, 19 grams of easily absorbed plant protein per serving:

Thyroid Support - 20% off - our target blend of nutrients that support thyroid tissue health:

Please note that once earmarked quantities are accounted for, prices on the above formulas will revert to everyday levels.

We likely won't be able to offer another sale at our catalogue until late this year, so please feel free to stock up on items you can make use of. Many thanks to all of you who support our work via our catalogue of carefully sourced and formulated natural health resources.


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