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Understanding Central Banks, Credit Bubbles, and Debt Cycles

I've long been keenly interested in living below my means and building financial independence. These interests have naturally led to a lot of learning about the nature of money, currencies, and how central banks all over the world look to shape national financial health and influence the global economy.

Understanding conventional tools used by central banks to stimulate activity can give us insight into what we can likely expect with our local economy and international markets.

Steve Keen is an "unorthodox economist" who is highly skilled in bringing clarity to these matters. The interview above was done in January of 2018, and if you have been following financial markets and the global economy economic since then, you'll recognize how amazingly accurate his projections have been.

A deeper dive into striving to live a financially healthy life and how to move towards becoming financially independent is better reserved for those who have more experience with these matters than I do, but I hope to share some specific guidelines that I've found helpful at some point in the future.


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