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Many Thanks to Volkl Tennis

Our older son, now 13, has been immensely fortunate to represent Volkl Tennis as a fully sponsored player since he was 9. Being sponsored so early had little to do with having precocious talent or an exceptional win-loss record; rather, it is a testament to the value that Volkl Tennis places on supporting players who strive to put good character - including respect for others and fair play - above winning on court at any cost. We hope that our son is proud of earning the sole sportsmanship award at the Under-12 Canadian Nationals in Mont Tremblant, Quebec in the summer of 2017.

Our son's journey through junior tennis has taught him and our family so much about ourselves. While he is currently taking some time off from tournament play to continue to develop his skills, enjoy the sport with family and friends, and immerse himself in team sports like basketball and soccer, he and our family remain grateful for the support that Volkl Tennis has provided all these years.

If you enjoy playing tennis at any level but aren't familiar with Volkl Tennis, their arm-friendly racquets are highly worth looking into. Volkl makes a wide range of racquets to suit a broad spectrum of playing levels, from beginners to those who play professionally.

In the US, if you don't have access to a local distributor, you can find Volkl racquets at

In Canada, you can contact the folks at

Special thanks goes to Gary Maccholz, the Promotions Manager at Volkl Tennis US for recognizing our son's potential on and off the tennis court at an age when most brands would not be interested in providing support. Gary: we will always remain grateful for all that you have done for our family. - Ben


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