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Hanging and Swinging Exercises for Improved Shoulder and Spinal Mobility

If you can comfortably hang from an object overhead, you can use simple swinging drills to improve shoulder and spinal mobility.

To generate momentum to swing from side to side, you can slightly bend one arm at a time. The focus should be on feeling a solid stretch through the shoulder of the arm that is fully straight and outstretched, and swinging from side to side in a rhythmic pattern.

To generate momentum to swing forward and backward, you can rhythmically swing your legs, keeping your shoulders as relaxed as possible. As you swing your legs backward, you want to push your chest forward, allowing your armpits to open up or "get big" - this will encourage your shoulders to flex backward, thereby improving shoulder flexion and thoracic extension.

To further improve shoulder flexion, you can end with an "L" sit whereby you hang with your shoulders relaxed and your legs elevated in front of you, quads flexed and toes pointed - maintain this position for as long as you comfortably can.

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