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Negative Body Levers to Develop Core Strength

If you feel comfortable with basic plank poses, side twists, arches, and crunches, to further develop functional core strength, you can add negative body levers to your training routine.

You'll need a comfortable surface to lie back on - a yoga mat or gym mats work well - as well as a strong anchor point that you can secure your hands on behind your head.

From this position, lift your legs straight above you - the goal is to begin with only your upper back and shoulder blades contacting the ground. Slowly lower your legs until they reach the ground, staying on just your upper back and shoulder blades for as long as possible.

If this is too challenging for the moment, an easier progression would be to do the same thing but with your legs spread apart in a straddle position, toes pointed.

One additional variation that isn't as challenging as the full negative body lever involves having one leg straight, toes pointed, and the other leg bent at the knee.

You can do any combination of these variations of the negative body lever for as many repetitions as you can maintain good form and a slow, controlled pace of lowering your legs.

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