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Healthy Soups

Yin Yang Antioxidant-Rich Soup

This savory bell pepper soup recipe is rich in a number of antioxidants, most notably, carotenoids and vitamin C. The Yin-Yang presentation is created by pouring red and yellow bell pepper soups into each serving bowl at the same time. Read more


Soup for Longevity

Shiitake mushrooms have long been used in traditional East Asian medicine as a tonic to promote longevity. Rich in healthy protein, a number of B vitamins, and dietary fiber, shiitake mushrooms add significant nutrient value, a chewy texture, and naturally smoky flavor to any dish that you add it to. Read more


Soup for Healthy Bones and Teeth

To experience optimal health, including flexible and healthy bones and teeth, it's vital that you eat plenty of green plant foods on a regular basis. And ounce for ounce, few green plant foods are more nutrient-rich than green peas.

Green peas are naturally abundant in folate, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, carotenoids, tryptophan, vitamin K, manganese, healthy protein, and a number of other health-promoting nutrients. Read more


Anti-Cancer Soup

A simple and effective way to lower your risk of developing cancer is to eat cabbage on a regular basis.

Cabbage belongs to the Cruciferous family of vegetables - other prominent Cruciferous vegetables include kale, Bok Choy, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Phytonutrients found in cabbage and other Cruciferous vegetables can stimulate the production of enzymes that can detoxify your cells, leading to efficient elimination of free radicals, toxins, and potential carcinogens from your body. Read more


Digestive and Immune System Tonic

If you aren't optimally digesting your meals, you might try including fresh ginger in your daily routine. Ginger has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for the digestive system for its ability to promote relaxation of the smooth muscles that line the gastrointestinal tract. Read more


How to Make Vegetable Cashew Stew

This super healthy stew is made unique by adding a handful of raisins and whole cashews. Sounds funny, I know, but once you try it, I trust that you'll agree that all of the ingredients go together beautifully. Read more


Soup to Soothe an Inflamed Digestive Tract

Broccoli is rich in indoles and sulforaphane, compounds that are known for their cancer-fighting properties. Broccoli is also abundant in fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, coenzyme Q10, and carotenoids. Read more


Savory Chickpea and Tomato Soup Recipe

This savory and hearty soup calls for nutrient-rich ingredients that are readily available year-round. Rich in healthy protein, natural vitamin C, and carotenoids, this soup offers plenty of fuel for a healthy immune system, and is a filling choice for vegans and omnivores alike. Read more


Soon Doo Boo JiGae Recipe

Though soon doo boo jigae is traditionally made with a bit of spice, my mom has long made it without adding fine red chili powder to accommodate me and my sisters when we were growing up, and now her toddler grandsons. Read more


Roasted Garlic Soup Recipe

If you're big on soups and you enjoy fresh garlic bread, this dish will likely cause you to do a little jig before going for seconds.

Garlic is a surprisingly good source of vitamin C, which partially explains why it's long been thought to boost immune system strength. Read more




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