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Healthy Pregnancy

Ultrasound Can Affect Fetal Brain Development

A new study out of the Yale University School of Medicine indicates that exposure to ultrasound waves during routine ultrasound scanning can affect fetal brain development.

Lead researcher Pasko Rakic encourages pregnant women to avoid unnecessary ultrasound scans until more research is done. Read more


Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection


Having a son of our own, it was crushing to read the following story about a mother and father losing their precious baby. I greatly respect and appreciate the courage that it must have taken for Christine Colebeck to share her experience with others. Thank you, Christine, for sharing Laura's story with us.

- Ben Kim


By Christine Colebeck Read more


Antidepressants Can Cause Serious Breathing Problems in Newborns

A study in the February 9, 2006 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine reports that there is a definite association between mothers taking certain antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) late in pregnancy and the risk of their babies being born with a serious condition called persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). Read more


Why Do Women Stop Breastfeeding?

The December 2005 issue of Pediatrics presents an important study that looks at reasons why women stop breastfeeding.

The study looked at data over 2 years (2000 and 2001) with the intent to discover:

1. If there are specific periods during which nursing moms are especially vulnerable to giving up breastfeeding. Read more


Ultrasound: Weighing the Propaganda Against the Facts

By Beverley Lawrence Beech

The use of ultrasound in antenatal care is big business, and in any big business marketing is all-important. As a result of decades of enthusiastic marketing, women believe they can ensure the well-being of their babies by reporting for an early ultrasound scan and that early detection of a problem is beneficial for these babies. That is not necessarily so, and there are a number of studies which show that early detection can be harmful. Read more


Skin-To-Skin Contact Is Healthy For Mothers And Their Babies

One of the reasons why my wife and I decided to have a home birth was to ensure that our baby would go straight where he belonged as soon as he entered the world: to my wife's chest. It saddens me to know that providing newborn babies with immediate physical contact with their mothers is not always given the priority it deserves in today's health care system. Read more


Breastfeeding: Best for Baby and Mother

One of the most powerful ways of giving your baby a healthy start in life is by breastfeeding. The following are a few of the numerous physical and mental benefits of breastfeeding: Read more


Folate-Rich Foods For A Healthy Pregnancy And Baby

According to an article in today's LA Times, a recent study in the journal Pediatrics reports that the rate of spina bifida and anencephaly birth defects in the U.S. has decreased by more than 33 percent since 1998 when the government began adding folic acid to enriched flours, rice and pastas. Read more


Midwifery Care

It's been almost a month now since my wife and I gratefully welcomed a healthy baby into our lives. As my younger sister said the first time she held our baby, "He's perfect." :)

We are so glad that we chose to give birth at home. We were blessed to have the help and guidance of three amazing midwives who provided all the clinical skills and caring support that we needed during my wife's
6-hour labour period. For those of you who are planning on having a baby, if you haven't already considered midwifery care, I encourage you to look into it. Read more


Cry It Out: The Potential Dangers of Leaving Your Baby to Cry

Among parents of infants these days, there is constant debate about how to respond to a baby’s cries. On one hand, there are proponents of the “cry it out” method, where the baby is left alone to cry in the hopes that he or she will eventually stop. On the other hand, there are the “attachment parents” who respond immediately to their crying babies and attempt to soothe them using various methods including holding and cuddling. While the cry-it-out method (CIO) has been popular in previous years, attachment parenting (AP) is gaining a foothold among new parents today. Read more




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