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Thoughts on Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt You, by Myra Bailes

Originally published in March of 2009

I definitely agree that forgiveness is often more about freeing oneself from limiting, painful emotions than it is about releasing the person who hurt you from responsibility for their actions.

Many times the people who hurt others are so unconscious of their own inner processes that they will continue to behave in the same or similar ways throughout their lives. They are simply too damaged and too ignorant to be able to do what it takes to recover and become sane, caring human beings. Read more


Photo Tale of Myra's Adventures in Mexico

Saludos from the (currently) hot dry and dusty municipio of Cosolapa, Oaxaca!

Well, after many promises of soon, sooner, and still later, more soons, too many to count; no doubt you've either forgotten me entirely, or, more likely, wondered what the translation of 'soon' might be here, in real time, that is....anyway, I now boast many photos, and they are even downloaded onto my computer and organized into folders by subject, so that I can choose and send them as attachments, hurrah! Read more


Greetings from Cosolapa, Oaxaca, Mexico

September 4, 2010


Well, here I am again at the cybercafe, to report that I am indeed enjoying this ancient but new-to-me and certainly no longer "pure" way of life in rural and small-town Mexico (which has been contaminated significantly by capitalism in all its worst aspects). Read more


First Days in Morelos

August 5, 2010


Well, here I am at a cybercafe in Cosolapa, Oaxaca. Today I´m feeling a little "blue" and tired, didn´t sleep so well last night. There was a torrential rainstorm most of the night; I´m sure the rain gauge I brought would have overflowed multiple times were it installed in an appropriate place! Read more