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Interview: The Place of Soy in the Health Food Arena

Originally published in 2013, updated in January 2022

Health & Beyond editor Josh Day recently sat down with Dr. Kim to ask him a few questions on a topic that's always hot in the health food world. We're talking about soy... what it is, what it does in your body, and why you see soy this and soy that on almost every aisle of your local health food store.

Let's jump straight into the interview, shall we?

Josh: What exactly is soy? Read more


Interview: All Things Rice

Health & Beyond editor Josh Day has always had a passion for rice. Turns out, so does Dr. Ben Kim...

Josh: Rice. What's there not to love? Rice is one of my favorite foods. White rice, that is. You couldn't pay me enough to eat brown rice, or even have a serving of it dropped in front of me. Read more