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Your coconut oil is totally awesome. What convinced me to try it was the comment from the person who thought all coconut oils were the same until she tried another brand after yours and found out that yours was so much better. I tried using coconut oil but whenever I would cook with it my daughter would complain about the smell plus did not like the taste of the food. Well, not so with your oil, in fact, I gave my daughter something cooked with it and she ate it, she didn't even notice that I had used coconut oil. Plus, when I would use the other brand on my skin, it would irritate and feel greasy but not so with your oil, my skin feels silky and soft, even my husband commented on how great my skin was feeling. Because of your oil, I can once again enjoy the benefits of coconut oil. Thank you for the time spent in finding such an excellent product to share with us all.

Dear Dr.Kim,

I totally enjoy everything you send in your email letters and the information you offer on your website. You are so well read and such an encouraging person to read. I love the recipe ideas you give and you are so correct in your view of proper health maintenance.

I have referred my family and friends to your website. Keep being a shining light in our very dully lit world!

Yours truly,


Thank you for sending updates on Operation Shanti. When I read items on their blog site I noticed one that said it is a tradition in India for a person to give food or treats to the poor on their birthday. That is a wonderful tradition and I thought it could be a great thing if everyone were able to make a contribution to Operation Shanti on their birthday out of gratitude for all the good things we take for granted in our lives that these people have never enjoyed.

I made the Healthy Pancakes today. The recipe is excellent, really outstanding. I love pancakes but only eat them every few months. Thank you so much. C. Kala

What a wonderful,encouraging web site! After having over 47 South Koreans stay in my home from the year 2000-2007, I thoroughly enjoy Korean foods.. I absolutely loved the Korean food while I stayed in Korea for one month in 2005.
When you mentioned bi bim bop & kim chi, my mouth just watered.. It is so good & nutritious too! The Koreans are the best cooks in the world, maybe all Asians are, I don't know..I like it all & they are not all obese like us Americans & Canadians
I haven't made kim chi for a couple of years now & I must get busy & make it again.
Thanks again for a wondeful motivating newsletter..
Sincerely Carole Einfeld

Thanks for the interesting article about rice! I rememeber reading that after modern rice mills were imported and installed, beriberi became a problem in some parts of Asia where rice was a staple diet.

All the rice cookers I have seen in Bangkok supermarkets are made from aluminium. Is the aluminium used to make cooking vessels a health hazard?

I just wanted to commend you on your amazing efforts to change the world and make it a better place. The change has to come from within us and that is what you are trying to do - help us become purer on a mental, physical and physiological level. Your writing is succint, to the point and simple. You put it as it is, and this is such a rare talent these days :) I draw a lot of inspiration from you. Thank you again.

I just want to thank you for taking time off your busy schedule (honestly, how did you manage to do it? pls share :))
to write this newsletter.
It's so informative and useful and practical.
It's nice to have enlightened doctors like you around who look at the whole picture and address the root cause of the problem compared to most conventional doctors who treat only the symptoms and just dispense pharmaceuticals and drugs and follow the textbooks blindly.

I am an 18 year old kid that has tons to learn about body growth and development. I workout about 3 times a week (body build) and I buy body building supplements like whey protein isolate and creatine and glutimine. I do not know too much about glutimine or creatine but I have read a recent article of yours and found out protein rich supplements like whey protein and others are not that healthy. I was shocked, considering a lot of my friends use them as well. I am going to make a great effort to change this by eating more protein rich foods rather than wasting my body, money, and time on these whey protein drinks. I have also gone into extensive research to learn more about the whey proteins and found that it can have great health risks down the road. There is no way I would have found out about this so fast if it wasn't for your time and effort to educate the world about what is good for you, and what you would want to avoid. I am a first time writer but have been reading and using your advice in your articles for about 2 years now, thank you so much for the time you take to help make this planet a healthier and better place. PLEASE keep the articles comming :D

Dr. Kim, I just read your thing on mosquito repellent. I just purchased some lemon balm plants, read in a nature book, the Indians used the leaves, rubbed them on their skin to repell biting insects, mosquitoes ect.. Was glad you sent your thing about the repellent. I am allergic to things one buys over the counter. I have allergy induced asthma, so my alergist says. I have alergies to most things in the outdoors. I'm going to try mixing my own repellent, using the lemon balm leaves, blending them in my blender. The vanilla you mentioned, I may add some of that to my concoction. I emailed a place in Texas that makes something from the cedar tree, called CedarCide. They say they concocted it for the soldiers in Irac(?)They said it could be applied to babies. It was a reasonable cost. I'm not sure if I would be able to use that or not. I was told they would refund, if I couldn't use the product. They formulated it, because of the fleas in that country, sand fleas I guess. Just about every biting or blood sucking insect bite me. Some of my grand-children have the same problem. I simply dread the summer, because of the biting flies,mosquitoes, and everything else that bites or stings. They get in my house and it's a nightmare for me. I'm very allergic to any type of bee or wasp sting. My Dr. I use to have,told me to carry an EPE Pen (a premeasured dose of Epenephrine) with me at all times. I've used them, but they're really expensive. I'm older now, have an HMO, and they won't cover them. You can eat the lemon balm and vanilla,so I think I could apply it to my skin and to small children without it hurting them. Even if they put their hands in their mouth, it surely wouldn't hurt them. If not, would you please elaborate on that? Thanks, for all the good info...

Hi Dr. Ben Kim. Just wanted to let you know i,ve been receving your news e-mail for some time now. I tried the coconut oil and i loved cooking with it. I,m going to be trying your reciepe for Soon Doo Boo Ji Gae-Miso Stew. It sounds so good. I,ll let you know how it turns out. keep up the good work Wayne from Maine

Dr Kim,
I sm so sorry you get negative emails from some about your views re: flu shots. You can't take it personally: those people still have a big problem not you. If the world din't react like that it would mean most people are OK with your findings; these people are letting you know there is still a lot of work to be done to get the truth 'out there'.
All great people suffered resistance to their ideas. OK, so maybe that is one proof that you are a great person! (I am sure of that.)
Keep up the good work.

I am always looking for ways to make a sugar free pie crust. I use a product called vegetable glycerine. It is pleasantly sweet and its vegatable based. It can be used in place of any sweetner. Even works in coffee or tea. I buy it at Whole Foods. One bottle lasts a long time.

I added your blog to bookmarks. And i'll read your articles more often!

I just want to tell you Dr. Kim that you are a reference point for me that there really are some bright, impeccable, dear hearts out there in the health care world. I totally get your struggle with the American health care world--I have worked in health care in the US for over 30 years-and nearly every "boss" I have had has been a barely human psychopath--a necessity I guess to thrive in such a sick system--they call it health care but it is really HELLth care. If I get back on my feet financially I will buy lots of your products-they all look wonderful-you practice REAL healing and REAL health care. Thank for your wonderful site and your wonderful heart.

you wanted people to contact you if they have been strict vegan for more than 5 years and have no health challenges. Well that's me - in fact several health problems i had before i went vegan were sorted out by my vegan lifestyle.

have a nice day.

One word describes my reaction to this new video: excellent. More such video-photo-commentary explanations would be most welcome. Thank you for making it.

Hi folks,It has been many years since I've heard someone say things about other people.I thought that part of humanity was over with.Evidently not.I have found over the years that someone who puts down others or makes fun in any way has low self esteem for some reason and most probably low self worth and low self confidence.I think a person feels the need to put others down to make them feel good about themselves and take attention away from them.We are all brothers and sisters of the same creator so who has that right ?Great article.Bruce

A great letter. My compliments to you and to the wife who saw what mattered when it mattered. The boys will surely be grateful for such a caring father. All the best and many thanks for the trouble you take with your newsletters. Jonathan Burn-Forti

Hi Dr Ben! I wanted to share a testimony with you about the remarkable Greens formula and its healing potential.

My mother-in-law is 87 years old. She has suffered with UTIs and bladder infections off and on for 30 years, but in the last 5 years she was on chronic antibiotics, and even reached the point where she had to self-cath 3 times a day in order to empty her bladder fully. I told her from the beginning to take your Greens especially for the probiotic effect. She is old school and since her doctor didn't recommend it she refused. That was about 4 years ago. Last year at this time she felt herself getting weaker and weaker, her UTIs were chronic and she was just failing in health. On top of it all she was just really tied of the whole thing. Again I suggested your Greens formula. Reluctantly she began taking it, and lo and behold within 2 months she no further needs catheterization and has not had a UTI or bladder infection now is a full year!!! She said she wished she had listened to me 4 years ago. The ONLY thing she changed was the addition of the Greens!

The product is simply amazing. I wish more people would take a chance on restoring their health with this product.

God bless you for the work you do!


You could also inform your friend that God says we can eat anything on earth that is not poisonous of course as long as we pray over it. It is written there.

Thank you so much. As a student of biochemistry for 40 years, at last I find a web site that scientifically correct, written by people with a brain.

is normal to feel resentment when we are expected to give, but resentment is unhealthy and drains our energy. When your parents are gone, as mine are, you will be thankful for having had them in your life and for having had the privilege of being "number one son" with all its responsibilities of giving. Your giving and sharing has made you a better person, an example for us all, and we thank you for sharing.

Dear Dr Kim
My partner has, for nearly two years, had Occular Myasthenia Gravis. The whites of his eyes have for a long time now been a pink/brownish colour, and the lid of his right eye was drooping to the point of him feeling more comfortable to keep in closed. Then I happened across your website and read about reversing autoimmune diseases and your suggestions, and his life has been changed. He was on the point of accepting new medication for his condition which had side effects which included lymphoma and brain damage, just to mention two of the long list. I followed your suggestions of going onto a vegetarian diet as well as juicing vegetables and fruit everyday. We also bought a bottle of 'Greens' which he takes regularly, and although we know there is a long way to go, his health is improving daily. The whites of his eyes are now white, and he can hold his eyelid open comfortably all the time. He attended an appointment with his neurology specialist last week who commented how much better he looked and that his eyes looked clear. I can't think of anything other than us following your suggestions, as well as 'Greens' that could have made the difference that has occurred. Over the last 2 years, this has never happened, and no improvement has been seen at all. Thank you so much Dr Kim we are so grateful for what you do for people, especially when conventional medicine can only offer medication that causes more problems than it solves. Thank you again. Margaret Ockenden

Hello Dr Kim. Thank you so much for your very informative newsletter- I share it often with friends and family. I was wondering if you could possibly signal recipes which can help to lose or at least control ones weight- I am 62 yrs old, retired and I have been steadily gaining one kilo per year for the past 10 years(!). I.e, your cashew cream sounds wonderful, but aren't cashews rather high in calories? Also, have you considered formulating a kind of diet one can follow at least for a few weeks to help lose a bit of weight recently gained (I.e. After 1 week of a "gourmand " vacation)? Thank you for any advice you might have on this subject. (PS - I live in The south of France). Kind regards, Sandra C.

Thank you for your valued feedback, Sandra. I will aim to put something together in the near future. Please stay tuned to our newsletter.



We need more doctors like Dr. Kim!!!! I wish I lived closer!

Dear Dr. Kim:

I am a long supporter of your products and holistic advice columns, but I found your latest post advocating Abigail Shrier distinct from your usually balanced posts.

There's a difference between reporting evidence-based explanations or firsthand experience and the opinion-based material propagated by Ms. Shrier. Her work is neither based on scientific research on gender dysphoria nor on firsthand experience. I watched the interview with Joe Rogan and noted that his key question to Shrier was how many teenage girls she had interviewed for her book. Please watch her rather fumbling response.

Throughout the interview Shrier referred to many floating statistics and exactly one teenage girl who had confided in her about regretting the hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is neither easy to access (especially without health insurance not dependent on others who may not be sympathetic), nor is hormone therapy without professional oversight, itself problematic in a hetero-patriarchal medical culture.

Most of Shrier's evidence rests on other published opinions. She is thus an opinion journalist, not a journalist in the classical sense whose reports only deserve public trust if her claims are based on substantive firsthand accounts/direct observation and sound scientific research, such as I've seen in most of your posts.

Both Shrier and Rogan claim to be "pro-trans," but I'm afraid for all their seemingly balanced and concerned banter, the takeaway from this interview is fear-mongering of parents already burdened with the complexities of raising children today, and a poor opinion of the serious work in the trans movement which seeks to reduce violence/suffering and increase the ability of our society to accept differences to restore humanity.

I do agree with both Abigail and Joe that much of social media is unhelpful, and it was sad but not surprising to hear that it's mostly teenage girls who experience identity angst about their gender. The answer, however, is not to raise speculative fears about the "transgender craze" but to figure out what's wrong with our system to cause such overwhelming difficulties in our youth, then work together to fix systemic inequalities and injustices while learning and teaching how we can better relate to each other with kindness, curiosity, and a little more understanding. Celebrations of transitions is a start, but indeed cruel if not followed up with more general support that includes economic and social health. The way forward is not to fearfully blame the social media celebrations of trans culture but to address the next, more complex and deeper problems of intolerance that is endemic in our society.

Ben, thank you for caring so openly about our hurting world. I hope you will bear my heartfelt words in mind when sharing your compassion as a health advocate with so many others.

Ji Choe

Dr. Ben,
Thank you for your stories, shared wisdom,
and for teaching me about the meaning
and concept of HYO! It certainly tugged
on my heartstrings.
May blessings be returned to you!

I’m very sorry you received unkind remarks and even were called names because people had differing opinions. The advice at Colossians 4:6 comes to mind ‘let your words always be gracious and seasoned with salt....’ . Seldom do angry, thoughtless words convince others of the rightness of our opinions.
One of my favorite verses in Holy Writings is shared by Jesus ‘All things, therefore , that you want men to do to you, you must also do to them...’. (Matthew 7:12)
Sincerely, Karen Jedele

Thank you for sharing your wisdom for all the years I have followed you. This particular newsletter, sharing the story of The Wild Strawberry and Healing From The Inside Out is one of my many favorites. You are cherished by many, I hope you feel our love and gratitude. Blessings from above.