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How to Make Healthy Chocolate Pudding

How about a chocolate pudding that's good for your heart? This is exactly what you'll create by following Jason Mraz's recipe for chocomole, which calls for avocados, dates, chocolate powder, and a touch of vanilla.

The result is a creamy chocolate pudding that's rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids, making it an excellent choice for promoting a healthy cardiovascular system and good overall health.

Note: The quantities listed below will make a big bowl of chocolate pudding, enough for about four large servings. If you tend to eat smaller portions of decadent desserts, we recommend using just half of the quantities listed. - Ben Kim


5 ripe avocados
1.5 cups dates, soaked in water for 1 hour, drained, roughly chopped
2 cups raw cacao powder
1 tablespoon vanilla
Raw organic honey (optional)


To start, mash avocados until creamy. For this pudding recipe, the creamier the better.



Add chopped dates and vanilla. Mix well to bring everything together.


Add half a cup of cacao powder, mix well, taste, then add another half cup of cacao powder, and repeat until the pudding has enough chocolate flavor for you. Be sure to take it in steps like this, as adding too much cacao can make the pudding somewhat bitter.



If the dates don't sweeten the pudding to your satisfaction, add a little raw organic honey, and give the pudding another good mix.


For extra texture, flavor, and nutrient density, sprinkle a few raw organic cashews on top. Yum!


Enjoy this healthy and delicious chocolate pudding, courtesy of Jason Mraz.

And while you're at it, please feel free to enjoy "Lucky," a sweet little love song by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat:

For a printer-friendly version of this recipe without photos, click here:

Jason Mraz's Chocomole Recipe


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The pudding would be smoother and look more pudding-like if you used a hand blender to blend the avocado. I use this with my guac as well.

pudding and song. nice one mr. mraz; here in colombia we have great avocados so i just had your great pudding. grazie mucho , ALO