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432 Hz Relaxing Music for Better Sleep

Those who have studied the physics of sound and music likely know that for centuries, tuning standards were in alignment with the natural muscial pitch of the universe, 432 Hertz (Hz).  

For reasons that aren't clear to me, since about the 1950s, human-generated music has been tuned to 440 Hz.
Over the course of 2 decades, the late music scholar Maria Renold asked thousands of people from different countries to report how they felt in listening to music tuned to 432 vs. 440 Hz. Ninety percent of participants preferred 432 Hz.

Since 432 Hz is the natural tuning frequency of the universe, it stands to reason that listening to peaceful music created on this frequency can only help align the energy and vibration of our cells with nature and our natural circadian rhythm. 

For those who have trouble getting deep, restful sleep, I feel it's worth listening to relaxing music tuned to 432 Hz before bed. YouTube offers many such files, including the one posted above.

Other tips that I've found helpful for improving sleep quality and quantity:

1. Strive to be physically and mentally active throughout the day - doing so generates an actual need for restorative sleep.

2. Get outdoors daily, and whenever possible, take in some morning sun without getting burned.

3. Avoid having coffee and other sources of caffeine after about noon.

4. Avoid alcohol and other sedatives in the evening. Sedatives can help induce unconsciousness, but being unconscious doesn't equate to experiencing quality sleep.

5. Avoid looking at screens for a minimum of 1-2 hours before bedtime.

6. Create the darkest sleep environment you can and utilize a sleep mask.

7. If sleeping with a partner is disruptive, consider having a separate sleeping surface or room.

8. If you aren't eating magnesium-rich foods, consider taking 125-250 mg of supplemental magnesium daily - good choices include magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, and magnesium glycinate. I've consistently found that magnesium glycinate is the best choice for those who tend to experience anxiety.

For a list of healthy foods that are abundant in magnesium:

A magnesium glycinate supplement that I can recommend: Magnesium Glycinate

I hope these tips are helpful.


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