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With our young teenage boys thinking more about what lies ahead for them, I jotted down the following thoughts which I shared with them earlier today:

1.  Find the things you love - people, causes, work, activities, and places. Make time every day to feel gratitude for such blessings.

2.  Know that you will encounter people whose self-centeredness will hurt you and weigh you down; once you recognize such people, wish them well and do not give them any more of your life energy.

3.  We are all just stewards of what we have in each moment.  Be responsible and generous, and celebrate others’ accomplishments and happiness. Stinginess and jealousy only breed misery.

4.  Know that there is a difference between being nice and being good-hearted. Anyone can be nice, but not everyone is good-hearted.  When you meet someone who is good-hearted, cherish them.

5.  You will likely feel best when you are driven by a deep desire to make life better for others.

If you have any life guidance that you care to share, please consider doing so in the comments section below. Many thanks for considering.


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These are very good. I especially like number 5. I would add, find a purpose related to helping others and follow that purpose as your central core of life. if you want to be a parent, do so with the intent to help your kids become their best selves and achieve their full potential. If you want to work in a job, do so with the intent to help your boss provide a good product or service to the public. If you want to run your own business, make sure it helps people in some way.