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Cat's Purr CD - Heal and Relax with Chet Day's NeuroImagery Sound Technology

Back in 1999, a chiropractor friend sent me an article that described the healing properties of a cat’s purr. Although it perked my interest, I wasn’t compelled to do any further research at the time, probably because I didn’t have any friends or family members who had cats, and my life circumstances were such that it was impractical to have one myself.

I had forgotten about my friend’s article until about a month ago when I began to listen to a CD called Cat’s Purr, made by Chet Day. After listening to a 30 minute track of Cat’s Purr, I was so impressed with how it made me feel that I have since made it a regular part of my daily routine.

For years, many veterinarians have observed that cats tend to heal much quicker than dogs and other animals following surgery. Scientists attribute this unusual healing capacity to purring. A cat’s purr produces a wide range of sound frequencies, some of which can stimulate growth and repair of bones and muscles, and others which can provide a pain-relieving effect.

In the Cat’s Purr CD, Chet has used advanced audio technology to layer together the healing sounds of his own cat’s purr with soothing classical music. He has also blended in sounds from nature that are so real and relaxing, listening to it reminds me of how I used to feel when I would regularly pray and meditate on the shores of the San Francisco bay.

I am super grateful to Chet for spending the years and thousands of dollars that he did to create this exceptional health tool. If you’re looking for an effective way to manage stress, feel more peace of mind, and experience better quality sleep, I highly recommend that you give Cat’s Purr a try. Not only do I use it when I pray or meditate, I also like to listen to Cat’s Purr while I work on the computer, as I have found that it helps me feel more clear-minded and focused.

If you have been reading my natural health articles, you know how important I believe emotional balance and peace of mind are to your health. While there are many ways to work on improving your emotional health, there are few concrete tools that I have found to be truly effective. This is why I am very glad to have discovered this unique health tool and to recommend it to anyone seeking to experience better health.


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