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Tip on Using Artisana Coconut Butter Products

If you've ordered any Artisana coconut butter-based products from our natural health shop, please note that coconut oil and coconut butter become harder at temperatures below 76 F, and they become softer at temperatures above 76 F.

So if you want to use Artisana coconut butter, cacao bliss, or amazon bliss as spreads, if they're too solid to spread, simply put the bottle in a bowl of hot (not boiling) tap water for just a few minutes before use.

Because the healthy fatty acids found in coconut butter and coconut oil are inherently stable, it's fine to have these products go back and forth from solid to spreadable forms as many times as needed to use up every last spoonful.

Eating a few spoonfuls of one or more of these coconut-based products every day has been a highly effective natural weight management technique for a number of my clients.

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I love the coconut butter. i have never used it as a spead, I just eat it straight out of the jar. The cashew butter has been a great addition to my morning smoothie ... I have tried most of the products you offer and have not been disapointed yet !!