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Beautiful Connections


The other day, hearing some of our older son's thoughts on making good friends led me to reflect on what I've learned over the years about making beautiful connections with others.

At some point in my journey, I came to realize that the pursuit of amazing friendships should be less about finding the right people and more about building a life that we feel immensely grateful for.

Rather than look for the right people to be friends with, my view is that it's healthier for us to pursue a life that we are consistently thankful to wake up to - this translates to doing things that bring us fulfillment, being in places that feel good to us, and spending time with people we genuinely enjoy.

When we approach life in this manner, my experience has been that people who we can share beautiful friendships with will naturally gravitate towards us and vice versa.

A Korean professor who I greatly admire often shares his view that our hometown isn't where we physically grew up - rather, our real hometown is where we are with people that we're fond of and regularly doing things that we find personally fulfilling.

The following 52-second flipbook serves to remind us of the brevity of life, and that there is magic in finding and living in our real hometown sooner rather than later:


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