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Funny Valentine's Day Story From Korea

I find the way in which today's generation of Koreans celebrate Valentine's Day to be quite interesting and amusing.

In Korea, Valentine's Day is reserved for women to give chocolates and other presents to their boyfriends or men they wish would become their boyfriends.

One month later, March 14th, is called White Day, and is reserved for men to give chocolates and other expressions of love and affection to their girlfriends or women they are trying to woo.

And April 14th, two months after Valentine's Day is Black Day, which is reserved for everyone who is single and without viable prospects to get together with other single friends and eat a noodle dish called "ja jang myun." The sauce used to make ja jang myun is made out of black beans, thus the label of Black Day.

Here's to wishing you a happy Valentine's Day wherever you are.


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