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Someone Has To Go First

This deeply moving sculpture was presented by Alexandr Milov at the 2015 Burning Man gathering.

It shows two adults sitting back to back in dejection after a disagreement while the inner child in both reaches out to reconnect.

Doesn’t this accurately convey how we can be diminished and even crippled by our wounds? To hurt after conflict is to be human, but we also have the capacity to put our pain, resentment, and pride to the side to seek authentic reconciliation.

It always takes one person to go first, to be the one to put their hurt away for the moment and give all they can to deeply empathize to give the other a chance to heal.

When neither can do this, there is a permanent fracture.

When both can offer empathy and high love, even while having some pain within, the ties that bind become stronger.

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Sculpture by the amazing Alexandr Milov:


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