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Warning To Be Alert While Wearing Clogs and Riding Escalators

A recent report by the associated press warns about the danger of riding escalators while wearing soft-soled clogs.

Here are the highlights from this report:

1. The flexibility and grip of soft-soled clogs can cause them to become entrapped at the top, bottom, and sides of escalators.

2. A four-year old boy in northern Virginia got his clog-clad foot caught in an escalator in August of 2007 at a local mall. His mother was able to pull his foot free, but the nail on his big toe was almost completely torn off, and he experienced heavy bleeding from the injury.

3. The Japanese government warned its citizens last week that it received a total of 39 reports of sandals getting entrapped in escalators from late August to early September; most of these reports involved small children, some as young as two years old.

4. In Singapore, a 2-year old girl wearing soft-soled clogs had her big toe completely torn off from an escaltor accident last year.

5. In June of 2007, a 3-year old boy wearing Crocs - the most popular brand of soft-soled clogs - suffered a deep gash across the top of his toes at the Atlanta airport. It was one of seven shoe entrapments that were reported at the airport since May 1, 2007.

What follows is a short video clip of this news story:

Please share this information with family and friends, especially those who have children. Please keep in mind that this warning should include mention of all soft-soled sandals, not just the clog variety. This is not a warning to stop wearing such shoes; it's a warning to be careful while wearing them and riding escalators.


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Clogs are also "Very dangerous" walking on wet floors, "Very" slippery to fall down.....

hello! it's great to stay informed, especially in the parent/child domain, but i think for once you missed the point and sound alarmist. i see people fall at airport escalators often , also in large department stores wearing non-clog shoes, often the culprit being untied shoelaces or plain clumsiness. in the case of small children, i've seen several accidents occur due to the parent being unattentive. maybe an escalator sign stating tie your laces or watch your small child would be a better warning.

In reference to your article warning of the dangers of soft-soled clogs and escalators:
My son is now 28 years old. I am grateful to be able to report that he has been able to walk, run, participate in cross country and soccer etc., all due to the quick action of my husband. My children were never allowed to fool around on escalators. When my son was in grade-school, he was shopping with us adults and standing properly right next to us on an escalator. Suddenly the toe of his rubber winter boot was caught and drawn into the space between the moving stairs and the base of the rail. My husband immediately grabbed my son's foot and yanked it free from the boot. His quick action saved my son's foot from severe injury. The boot was chewed up and destroyed. The store replaced the boot for us, but ignored our suggestion to post a warning.