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Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter, and Raspberry Cups


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I have been making my own peanut butter cups for a while now, and there is a little boy in the marina where I live who wishes I would give him more than one at a time, heheh ;) I love the idea of adding fruit, Dr. Kim, and I will try doing that with my next batch, but I think I will simply use fresh mashed fruit that has been drained a bit, since I already add sugar to my peanut butter. Your basic recipe is not much different from mine, and the method of building the cup is the same. I use a blend of dark and semisweet chocolate, and add either a pat of butter or coconut oil to smooth the chocolate a bit more. I then add a small amount of powder sugar to the peanut butter and chill it in the refrigerator for a while to make it easier to handle. I can then spoon some out and shape it to fit on top of the bottom layer and leave room to pour the top layer of chocolate and ensure the filling is completely contained. When I pour the top layer on, I simply shake the muffin tin a bit and lightly tap it on the counter top, and that settles the chocolate in very nicely. I will also have to try this at some time using almond butter. I have an Omega 3 juicer that also makes nut butters.

I have been making peanut butter cups for years...Thrilled to see healthier substitutions. However, we make these in a 9x9 pan and cut to 1" inch squares for a much simpler making process. Will definitely give these a try, like the idea of fruit. I also add powdered sugar to peanut/almond butter.

Melting a teaspoon or two of coconut oil with the chocolate will make the chocolate easy to bite into. Also, adding a teaspoon or two of coconut flour to the almond butter (or peanut butter) will thicken it up. I did not add a sweetener, but I would think honey would be excellent. Thanks Dr. Ben!