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Deep In An Ancient Hawaiian Forest

If you're a believer in taking some time each day to meditate, pray, or simply relax on a lushly padded yoga mat to help restore peace and balance within, I hope that the following instrumental tracks from "The Descendants" are helpful to your sessions. I've been listening to these tracks for a few weeks now and I simply cannot get enough of them.

Deep In An Ancient Hawaiian Forest

Hapuna Sunset

And here's one called "Hawaiian Skies," perfect for priming yourself for good energy and a clear mind for any project.

If you haven't had a chance to view "The Descendants," it's definitely one for your list. Gorgeous shots of Hawaii that make you feel intimately connected to its beauty serve as the backdrop to a deeply touching story that is wonderfully funny and tragic throughout - it's the quintessential Alexander Payne film, oh so human and satisfying.


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