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Detox Juice Recipe

A freshly pressed vegetable juice that is meant to stimulate the elimination of toxins from your body should have the following properties:

1. The ability to encourage movement of waste products through your intestines.

2. The ability to encourage your digestive organs to release digestive juices that can help to optimally break down recently ingested food.

3. The ability to draw toxins out of your tissues.

With these properties in mind, here is one of the most effective detox juice recipes that I know of:

Artichoke, Cilantro, and Radish Detox Juice Recipe


4 Jerusalem artichokes
2 handfuls of fresh cilantro
4 radishes
3 carrots
1 tablespoon of green food powder that contains chlorella


Use a juicer to press all ingredients except green food powder into a vegetable juice.

Combine juice and green food powder in a bottle with a secure lid and shake well for 10 or more seconds. Enjoy within an hour of making this effective detox juice.


  1. Jerusalem artichokes are rich in the soluble fiber inulin, which is known to encourage healthy bowel function.
  2. Cilantro and chlorella are regularly recommended by many health practitioners, myself included, for purposes of detoxification.
  3. Radishes are known to stimulate the release of bile from the gall bladder. Bile is needed for optimal digestion of fat.

Please note: This recipe is suitable for the Full Body Cleanse program.


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