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Early Thanksgiving Sale

For those who may have missed our Monday newsletter, please note that details our early Thanksgiving sale can be found below with one additional blend added to the sale - prices will revert to everyday levels by the end of this coming week, so please feel free to stock up on any items that you can make use of.

Also, for those who have been patiently waiting for our new lot of Vision Support, now with 60 vegetable capsules per bottle, it's available here:

In response to many requests, we increased Vision Support from 30 to 60 capsules, and switched to a shatter-resistant PETE translucent amber prescription bottle - these changes have allowed us to lower the per-serving cost. The actual blend of quality ingredients remains the same.

Last Call on Early Thanksgiving Sale:

Adrenal Refresh - our Ayurvedic blend for correcting imbalances created by stressed endocrine and nervous systems - 25% off:

Organic Greens in Capsules - our flagship mineral-rich formula to support immune function, optimal digestion, and healthy bones, teeth, hair, skin, and nails - 18% off:

Organic Plant Protein Blend - our delicious vanilla chai plant protein blend with organic turmeric and aloe to support optimal cellular health and communication, 19 grams of easily absorbed plant protein per serving - 17% off:

Organic Maca, Cacao, and Yacon Blend - to support energy, stamina, memory, mood, joint function, digestion, and even loss of excess fat tissue - 33% off:

Organic Moisturizing Lotion - our popular fragrance-free and organic moisturizer for face and body - 25% off:

Synbiotic Plus - our intestinal yeast-cleansing probiotic formula - 14% off:

Thyroid Support - our target blend of nutrients that support thyroid tissue health - 30% off:

Premium Coconut Milk Powder - can be used to make your own coconut milk or rich coconut cream, and can be added as is to smoothies, coffee, and tea - 30% off:


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