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How to Make Truly Healthy Energy Bars

One sad reality that jumps out at me with every trip to the health food store is that the vast majority of energy bars on the market provide about the same nutritional value as most candy bars, but with some processed protein powder thrown into the mix and at twice the cost of a good old Snickers bar.

The truth is that it's really simple to put together your own health-enhancing, nutrient-rich energy bars with just three ingredients.

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This fig-pecan energy bar recipe produces scrumptious bars that are rich in potassium, calcium, iron, fiber, and healthy protein. Think of this fig-pecan concoction as being one of the most mineral-rich healthy snacks that you can use to fuel your body in between meals. - Ben Kim


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3 cups raw pecans

1.5 cups soaked dried figs with stems removed

1.5 tablespoons pure vanilla extract


Be sure to allow dried figs to soak in water for 1-2 hours before preparing this recipe.

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Drain figs and combine them with raw pecans and pure vanilla extract in a food processor.

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Process until figs and pecans are well combined to form a moist granola bar-like texture. You may need to pause the food processor once or twice to scrape ingredients off the sides of the processor so that you are not left with big chunks of figs and pecans.

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Transfer homogenized figs and pecans to a baking dish or tray and press down gently with a spatula until mixture is approximately 2-3 cm thick. Use a knife to cut into rectangular or square bars.

Put baking dish or tray in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or the freezer for about 20 minutes to allow the bars to take form.


Enjoy these delicious and nutrient-dense fig-pecan energy bars!


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I would love to make this recipe for my teenage son, but he is allergic to tree nuts, pecans, walnuts, etc. He can eat peanuts, so can I substitute them in an equal amount for the pecans?

You have great recipes, and I have enjoyed making them!

I'm wondering if prunes and walnuts would work good in this recipe.

I love figs! Super healthy food. You should be apple to substitute dates (org Medjool dates) for the figs. They don't need to be soaked.

I loved these. The second time I made them I added shredded coconut. Such a great snack on the go!

Having thirteen 50 year old pecan trees and 4 fig trees that produce over 100 pounds of figs a year we are always looking for great recipes to use them. and this looks fantastic!
I am going to try it with the fig puree we get (leftover) when we make fig syrup. YUM!

We also make our own vanilla extract.

Ok We tried it and it was So-So the taste was fantastic! but was put off by the texture, mushy and did not firm up. Will try it again, but adding ground flax seed and maybe a little special K Protein Plus Cereal crushed.

My granddaughter age 5 suggested coconut and chopped dried cherries
as well.

For how long can these be stored and how are they best stored?
PS: thank you for all the hard work ^^ FIGHTING!!