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Finding Clarity In Darkness


It's long been said that a healthy person wants a thousand things, while someone who is ill wants just one thing.

A friend once shared that it was only after he lost his eyesight when he realized what was truly important to him, and all that he could do without.

In many circumstances, we need to enter a period of darkness in order to see some things more clearly. When we experience loss, grief, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and despair, we have a unique opportunity to discover what is most important to us. It's often when life becomes dark when we can more clearly see the people and things that we treasure most, and all that we can let go of.

We can gain clarity on what we most value by asking ourselves questions like these:

1. Which relationships and things am I spending significant energy on, but I intuitively know aren't going to be an important part of my life for all of the rest of my years?

2. What do I consistently spend my hard-earned money on without feeling conflicted about whether it's worth the expense or not?

3. If I knew that I only had exactly 3 months left to be here, what would I do with my remaining time and resources?

Gaining clarity on such points is essential to our moment-to-moment well-being, as our subconscious is well aware of how aligned our daily choices are with all that we hold most dear.


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