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Suspension Training Kit & Massage Tools By FitBeast

This is a brief look at a variety of mobility exercises that can be done with a suspension system training kit and textured foam roller. Both were provided by a company called FitBeast, with links to their items below:

FitBeast Suspension System Training Kit
Diamond Foam Roller Massage Kit

FitBeast has provided the following 15% discount code for our readers: DRBK0115

Please note that I am not affiliated with FitBeast. Though I have not reviewed their entire product line, I can vouch for the quality of the two items noted above.

The suspension system training kit is on par with the popular TRX system which I have also thoroughly evaluated.

The diamond foam roller is well constructed but may be too textured and firm for those who are sensitive to deep muscle work. FitBeast's diamond roller is best for working on dense muscle groups in athletes and other highly active people. For all others, I feel that foam rollers made by GRID are a better choice.

For those who prefer purchasing their fitness tools from Amazon, links to comparable items are as follows:

Suspension System Training Rigs:

US site:
Canadian site:

Textured Foam Rollers (GRID is my top pick thus far):

US site:
Canadian site:

Many thanks to FitBeast for the opportunity to review their excellent products.


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