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Goonda: A Video on Operation Shanti, by Reel Youth

Last week, I received a 15-minute video on Operation Shanti called GOODNA, which was produced by a not-for-profit Canadian organization called Reel Youth.

GOODNA provides an up-close look at some of the street children that Operation Shanti has been reaching out to.

Please feel free to view GOODNA here:

Our fundraising campaign for Operation Shanti was a huge success, greater than anything that I could have hoped for. Donations are still trickling in, albeit at a much slower pace. Thus far, we have raised close to $20,000 for Operation Shanti's programs.

This means that in addition to purchasing solar panels for Operation Shanti's shelter, mattresses for their children and families, and a used van, we created a gift that will enable Operation Shanti to provide literally tens of thousands of nourishing meals to the children and families in their programs over the next few years.

What follows is a series of photos showing workers at Operation Shanti installing the first part of their solar panel system, the mattresses we purchased, grateful residents who are enjoying these mattresses, and some of the children staying at Operation Shanti's shelter.

Workers hauling the heavy solar tank to the roof of Karunya Mane, Operation Shanti's shelter.

A local passerby gets recruited to help with hauling.

Just about done with the solar tank.

Venkatesh (Tata) resting with his mattress.

Kaveriamma and Reeta resting near their mattresses.

Clothing donations.

Nagu serving lunch.

Harish cleaning up.


Many thanks to Reel Youth and Operation Shanti for sharing these files with us. And of course, a huge thank you to each contributor who made our gift for Operation Shanti possible.

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