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Health Benefits of Grounding or Earthing

A basic understanding of the natural flow of electrons through the atmosphere and lithosphere as is taught in high school science class makes it abundantly clear that there are significant benefits to grounding, defined as being in contact with the earth with our bare skin, be it our hands, feet, or any other part of our body.

I strive to walk barefoot on grass for at least 15 minutes daily.  For those who have chronic issues with sleep quality or emotional health challenges like intermittent anxiety and depression, I highly recommend learning more about grounding or earthing. 

Nothing beats being in direct skin contact with grass, sand, or soil, but for those whose circumstances make this difficult to experience on a regular basis, there are grounding sheets that can be plugged into the grounding hole of a 3-prong socket, allowing for indoor grounding while resting or sleeping:

Grounding or Earthing Sheets


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