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Three-Tomato Salad Recipe

Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes. This delicious salad recipe brings together three varieties of one of summer's healthiest fruits to make for a light but satisfying meal. Read more


Risotto with Peas and Basil Recipe

Looking for a delicious, dairy-free risotto? With the right amount of time and love put into this recipe, I'm willing to bet that this creamy rice dish is as good as anything ever made by Jamie Oliver or Tyler Florence.

I strongly recommend that you use fresh basil for this recipe - it really enhances and brings together the flavors of the peas, rice, and broth.

Ingredients: Read more


Tropical Smoothie Recipe

This tropical smoothie recipe calls for just four ingredients, all of which are foods that are indigenous to tropical regions. If you can't find coconut milk at your local grocery store, try an Asian food market. Most Asian markets now carry brands that contain only trace amounts of preservatives, if any.

Coconut milk contributes loads of healthy fatty acids, richness, and a wonderful coconut aroma to this smoothie.

Ingredients: Read more


Cucumber and Red Onion Salad Recipe

Cucumber and red onion slices combine to make a refreshing, crunchy, and sweet salad dish, perfect for the dog days of summer. If you can find smaller cucumbers, the kind used to make dill pickles, use as many of them as you need to substitute for the 3 conventional cucumbers that this recipe calls for.

The quantities listed in the ingredients section make approximately 6 servings. Read more


Vita-Mix Blender

Over the past two months, my wife and I helped my Aunt start a small but quaint cafe in the city that we live in. After three years of hoping that one or more of our relatives would move up to our city from Toronto, to finally have it happen was a cause for celebration! Read more


Italian Pea and Basil Soup Recipe

Green peas are full of many health-promoting nutrients, the most abundant one being vitamin K1, which is needed for optimal bone mineralization. Green peas are also abundant in folate, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

Enjoy the following recipe for a traditional Italian green pea and basil soup (the quantities listed in the ingredients section will produce approximately 4 servings). Read more


Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

If you love burgers but can do without large amounts of red meat, you'll love this recipe for thick and juicy grilled Portobello mushroom sandwiches. Portobello mushrooms are rich in niacin (vitamin B3), potassium, and selenium.

Be sure to make the basil-lemon pesto sauce that accompanies this recipe; it adds loads of tangy flavor to these awesome sandwiches.

Ingredients: Read more


Making Sense of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are created in the leaves of plants, where they are created out of water, carbon dioxide, and the radiant energy of sunlight.

Although your body can obtain all of the energy that it needs from dietary protein and fat, the most efficient source of fuel for your cells are carbohydrates.

We can classify all of the carbohydrates that we know of into three general categories: Read more


How to Pick Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If you want your grocery dollars to consistently bring home the most nutritious fruits and vegetables that your local market has to offer, you have to know when different fruits and vegetables are in season and what to look for in appearance and texture.

In this article, the peak in-season range for different fruits and vegetables is relevant to all of Canada, most of the upper half of the United States, and pretty much all other countries that lie within the same latitudinal range, give or take a few degrees. Read more


Latest Pesticide Analysis of Common Fruits and Vegetables

In late 2006, the Environmental Working Group released their latest report on the average pesticide content of common fruits and vegetables.

Many different studies that have been done with animals have found that exposure to pesticides can increase the risk of developing various types of cancer, nervous system dysfunction, and reproductive problems. Read more




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