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How to Make Perfectly Steamed Rice - Korean and Japanese Style

Japanese Rice Washing/Rinsing Bowl with Side and Bottom Strainers:

Oyama 7-Cup Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel Bowl:

To make steamed white rice as is served at Korean and Japanese restaurants, wash and rinse calrose rice ( four to five times or until the water runs clear.

Strain excess water and transfer washed rice to stainless steel bowl from the rice cooker. Add the same number of cups of cold water as you used cups of rice to the bowl. Place bowl in the rice cooker, close the lid until it clicks, and press the cook button.

Once the rice is finished steaming and the cooker indicates that it is on the warm setting, allow steamed rice to sit with the lid closed for another ten minutes or so - this will allow excess moisture to leave via the vent on top.

Non-stick rice scoop made of food-grade plastic:

You can keep leftovers in the rice cooker for the day. Any remaining rice at the end of the day should be transferred to an air-tight bowl to be refrigerated for re-heating another day.

If you prefer not to use a rice cooker, you can use a regular pot. Simply bring the washed rice and water to a boil and immediately turn heat to low to allow for steaming with the lid on. Check periodically and when it appears the rice is done, transfer to serving bowls and enjoy.

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