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Cleansing Your Body

The beginning of every new year is high season for cleansing. Be it new goals, renewed hopes, or just an overwhelming desire to feel healthier and more energetic, the reasons are many for wanting to unload accumulated toxins and extraneous adipose tissue.

If you're thinking about following a cleansing program that's designed to clean out just one or two parts of your body - like a colon cleanse or a protocol that's meant to cleanse just your gall bladder or just your kidneys - please keep the following principle in mind:

Cleansing of your body parts - defined as having accumulated toxins removed from your tissues and eliminated from your body - happens evenly throughout your body, much like excess fat tissue is burned uniformly off of your body rather than melting away from just one section at a time.

Put another way, just as doing a thousand sit-ups a day won't make you lose fat more quickly from your midsection than from your arms and legs, taking a special blend of herbs isn't likely to allow your kidneys to cleanse any more quickly than the rest of your organs. Cleansing happens at about the same rate in all of your body parts.

How is true cleansing accomplished? Through burning of fat tissue, which allows accumulated toxins in said fat tissue to escape into your bloodstream, from which it can be eliminated from your body via your colon, urinary tract, respiratory tract, skin, and select mucous linings, like those in your ears and nose.

The truth is that your body is trying to cleanse itself all the time. Unloading toxins is good for your survival, so your self-healing mechanisms want this to happen. When your body is regularly burdened by too much food, unhealthy food, too much stimulation, and not enough rest, it doesn't have enough resources to allow your self-healing mechanisms to do much cleansing. In fact, for many people in first world nations, the trend is increasing toxic load, not the other way around.

If you're interested in facilitating true cleansing that will leave all of your major organ systems less burdened by stored toxins, your senses sharpened, and your body and mind with plenty of energy and alertness, I encourage you to review our full body cleanse series at the following pages:

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Please remember: Your body is wanting to cleanse all the time. Cleansing doesn't have to be reserved for the first two weeks of every new year. By making healthy choices daily, you can experience many of the benefits of a concentrated period of cleansing throughout the year.

Happy cleansing. :)


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