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Product Review: Laptop Laidback - The Portable Table for Stress-Free Computing

In early 2009, I injured my lower back to a point where I had no choice but to rest in bed for almost two whole days. Thankfully, I experienced a quick, full recovery. While I was lying around reading through a stack of my favorite biographies, it occurred to me that I ought to set up my office in a way where I don't have to sit for long stretches whenever I have to do some computer work.

I've worked with a number of clients over the years who have resorted to standing at their work desks, as standing puts less overall stress on the spine and paraspinal structures than sitting. Standing is especially helpful to people who have disc-related pain in the lower back region.

The problem with standing at a computer station for long stretches is that people often begin to experience upper back discomfort and/or problems related to stagnant blood flow in the lower extremities - varicose veins is one such circulation-related challenge that can result from standing in one spot for hours at a time over many years.

Due to the challenges associated with sitting or standing for hours at a time, sit-stand desks are becoming popular throughout the world, particularly in Europe. Sit-stand work stations allow workers to oscillate between a range of sitting and standing positions throughout the work day to help prevent build-up of stress in any one area of their bodies. The only catch with sit-stand desks is that they're still quite expensive, usually more than a thousand dollars per unit.

In searching for alternative solutions for people who need to work on a computer for hours at a time, I stumbled upon a number of different laptop tables and stands that can be used while lying down. The best such device that I found is called the Laptop Laidback Portable Table.

Here's what it looks like to use the Laptop Laidback table:

The Laptop Laidback table is designed to be used in bed, on a sofa, or with a recliner-type chair - it's really an excellent tool for people who have a history of back trouble and who have to be on a computer for hours at a time.

To minimize the risk of developing shoulder, elbow, and/or wrist problems while working on a computer, it's important to have your elbows rest on a flat surface, and to have your hands rest on the keyboard without having to extend your wrists or lift your elbows and shoulders. This is why I prefer the Laptop Laidback over other similar tables on the market - it's fully adjustable to allow for optimal positioning of your upper extremities.

Here are the main features that I like about the Laptop Laidback table:

  • Light but sturdy

  • Allows long sessions of comfortable and productive work time

  • Prevents overheating of laptop and keeps laptop away from body surface

  • Portable - easy to assemble and disassemble without tools

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers on the Laptop Laidback table:

How strong is Laptop Laidback?

Laptop Laidback holds up to 22 lbs. Most laptops weigh less than 4 pounds.

The table itself weighs under 3 lbs.

How do you recommend that I position myself when using the Laptop Laidback?

I find that the most comfortable position is lying on a mattress with two pillows stacked under my head, neck, and upper back. Depending on how thick your pillows are, you might need to fold one in half to provide extra height/support. The key is to make sure that your neck and head feel relaxed.

Be sure to keep your elbows flat against the mattress, and to adjust the table so that your forearms and hands rest comfortably on the keyboard surface.

Your legs can be bent so that your feet are flat on the mattress, or you can rest your legs flat on the mattress. Most people find that having their knees up provides the most comfortable position for the lower back.

Will my legs or stomach get hot from the laptop?

No, the Laptop Laidback table is designed to keep the weight and heat of your laptop off of your body. It actually helps to keep your laptop cool, which may extend the life of your laptop.

How easy is it to set up, take apart, and transport this table?

Once you know how it's put together, it takes just a minute to put the pieces together, and about the same amount of time to disassemble the table and snap it together for easy carrying. A simple diagram is printed on the back of the table for easy reference. No tools are required.
The Laptop Laidback is less than 3 lbs, and may fit into your laptop carrying case.

Can anyone use this table?

The Laptop Laidback is designed to accommodate people up to 6'3" and 260 pounds; it can fit users with a waist sizes up to 60 inches.

Can this product be used in a recliner?

If the inner space between the arms of your recliner is 22 inches or greater, the Laptop Laidback should fit nicely into your recliner.

What keeps the laptop from falling off the table?

The table comes with velcro strips that are glued down to the table surface. Small velcro pieces are also provided to stick onto the bottom of your laptop so that your laptop can be easily secured and unfastened from the table.

What materials are used to make the Laptop Laidback?

Glass-reinforced ABS - it's designed to be durable, strong, and light.

What are the dimensions of the table?

Surface: 16 inches by 11 inches

Weight: under 3 lbs (1.36 kg)


Please note: through special arrangement with the manufacturer of the Laptop Laidback, we are now providing this table at our natural health shop, and for a limited time, each unit comes with a flexible USB lamp - just plug it into a USB port in your laptop, and you have a flexible light to illuminate your work area.

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