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Mackerel Hand Rolls


This is a simple meal that our boys never fail to gobble up with their eyes darting around the kitchen looking for seconds and thirds. So simple to make, too. All you need to make these simple mackerel hand rolls are rice, baked mackerel, roasted seaweed, and a bit of soy sauce and sesame oil.

Mackerel is a favourite among Koreans, so if you're interested in making these hand rolls but can't find mackerel at your local market, you can almost certainly find fresh mackerel at your closest Korean food store - you can pick up seasoned roasted seaweed at the same time, though seaweed that comes pre-cut in small rectangles are now readily available everywhere, including at Amazon and Costco.

Roasted Seaweed at Amazon

Start with a bowl of cooked rice - we typically mix a bit of black rice in with regular Calrose rice, which leads to rice with a bit of a purple hue. Season with a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil, then give it a gentle mix to evenly distribute these flavours.


Bake the mackerel at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes. When it has cooled enough to handle by hand, separate into bite-size pieces and remove the few bones that are typically embedded toward the tail end.

To assemble your mackerel hand rolls, simply place a piece of mackerel in the center of a piece of roasted seaweed, add a dollop of seasoned rice, then fold over the edges of the seaweed, which will remain in place by sticking to the rice.




And there you have it - incredibly easy to make, and a mouthful of flavour no matter how it comes together. Hope you have a chance to try this family favourite.


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