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How Children Should Wear Their Backpacks

With tomorrow being the first day of school for many children around the world, I just wanted to remind all of you parents out there to have your children develop the habit of wearing their backpacks evenly over both shoulders.

This habit will help to prevent the development of a spinal curve from the uneven distribution of weight caused by slinging a backpack over just one shoulder. Young children in particular are susceptible to developing permanent curves because their growing spines are quite malleable.

Not only will the habit of carrying a backpack over both shoulders help to prevent a curved spine, it will also promote good muscle development and balancethroughout the shoulders, trunk, and legs.

By the way, adults who use backpacks can also benefit from this advice. Even though the typical spine is completely done growing by the age of 25, carrying a backpack evenly over both shoulders can help prevent the development of muscular imbalances in the upper back and trunk that can lead to chronic aches and pains, including headaches.


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