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Love & Kindness As Primary "Treatments" For Depression In Children

To me, there are few health conditions that are more sad than depression, particularly depression among children and teenagers.

A recent study out of the University of Sweden indicates that depression among children and teenagers is strongly linked to the following psychosocial factors:

1. Being shamed and humiliated.
2. Being obese.
3. Having separated parents or unemployed parents

Clearly, many obese children and teenagers are cruelly teased about their weight.

The author of the study suggests that "that having a parent who has the experience of being unwanted at the labor market or incapable of meeting the demands of this market will put an increased psychological strain on the family system which will increase the risk of the adolescent developing depression."

The study also indicates that depression is more common among girls. Could this be because girls and women face much more pressure to look a certain way in our appearance-centered culture?

Although depression can definitely be caused in part by nutritional imbalances, particularly a deficiency of DHA and EPA, I have long believed that a significant cause of depression is not receiving adequate love and emotional support during our early years.

Let's never underestimate the importance of being loving and kind, especially to our children.


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