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Canada's Seal Hunt: The Largest Slaughter of Marine Mammals in the World

A few of our readers recently brought to my attention the annual mass slaughter of young seals, many of them babies, near Newfoundland, Canada.

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video on this disturbing practice.

Sadly, the clubbing and shooting of baby seals by non-Inuit people is done mainly so that their furs can be used to make designer clothing.

If you would like to learn more about this cruel tradition and what you can do to possibly help to prevent it, visit:


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I live in Newfoundland and I have to disagree with you regarding the seal hunt here. There's been too much mis-information about the seal hunt. Number one: it's illegal to kill baby seals here in Newfoundland: Number two: the practice of clubbing the seals to death are no longer used, they are humanely killed by guns. They don't suffer as much as the cattle killed for beef or chickens stuffed in little cages for all of their lives, never allowed to run free! Most of these people protesting the hunt only want publicity, to be in the lime-light and to make more money. They would do well to turn more of their attention to helping hungry and abused children and finding or building homes for the thousands of homeless people.
I'm sick of these groups continuously attacking and maligning the Newfoundland people. Newfoundlanders are wonderful people that care about each other as well as strangers and animals.
To me, boiling a lobster alive is more cruel then shooting a seal quickly. Let's get our priorities straight!!

If you beleive that shoottnig the babies justifies what you people are doing then I'd have to say your insane. Are you trying to convince yourself that this behavior is okay or do you really feel this way. I will pray for you if you do.Shame on you.

Oh Dear! Here we go again, people are always trying to justify one death for another, boiling a lobster alive is inhumane, homeless and starving child/adults is also inhumane, I think we all are realy missing the picture here. KIlling is wrong, no matter what. Clubbing seals, clubbing people, trapping lobsters, trapping bears/lions etc is inhumane. However, we must as a race of humans stop all forms of violence no mater what. I think if we take care of each other in a non violent way we also will take care of animals in a non violent way. IF YOU CAN CLUB A YOUNG PUB WHO IS TO SAY YOU CAN'T CLUB A CHILD?

Just something to think about.

Well said, Joyce. I don't live anywhere near Newfoundland but if the people there feel it necessary to thin out the seal population, by all means! Happy to hear it's done in a much more humane manner than we use for our McDonalds hamburgers, friend chicken and leather shoes. When people realize that life for one means death for many we might have a chance at getting our priorities straight.

P.S. I think if the lobsters were able to scream in pain, boiling them alive would not be as appealing.

Nothing scares me more than a person who can kill and not have a conscious; someone who has no guilty feeling or no regard for the life they just ended. I eat meat because I need it, and it's only natural. But someone who makes a game of something as powerful as death is nothing but sick.

While I admit that the clubbing of seals seems to be a really brutal practice, I have to question realistically if there is a need to cull the seal population. I know here in B.C., I've seen so many seals everywhere and a decreased fish population that wasn't evident in the past. If the seals have no predators and their population gets out of control and there's no fish, is that a good thing? I'm for a more humane method of doing it, but to face reality, sometimes things have to be balanced out or you'll see seals and other marine life (ie. killer whales) die because of a lack of a food source and that isn't going to be pretty either. I can't speak to the situation in Newfoundland in this regard, but sometimes you have to be practical and use common sense in looking at the big picture.

After watching that video I would have no problem watching the animals administering equal treatment to the guilty people and supporters of these sins. I know two wrongs don't make a right and even if they did I wouldn't place myself on the same ignorant plane as these murderers by taking any violent actions towards them. By trying to control the environment man always makes things worse. If we live by the ways of the ancient tribes and only take what we need to survive and quit wasting ten times more than what we produce the world will maintain an even balance. I really hope there is hell for people who take innocent lives.