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More Potential Dangers Of Using Cell Phones

I just came across an important article on the potential health risks of using cell phones in the July 10th issue of the Toronto Star.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An analysis of 252 published studies on cellular radio frequencies by researcers at the University of Washington showed that there is a clear difference between results from studies that were funded by the cell phone industry and studies that were funded by governments, government agencies, or academic institutions.
  • Specifically, among peer-reviewed studies funded by sources outside of the cell phone industry, 81 percent reported that there are biological effects from cell phone frequencies. Among studies funded directly by the cell phone industry, only 19 percent report biological effects from cell phone use.
  • Dr. Robert Lai, the scientist who performed the above analysis, concluded that almost 60 percent of published studies on cell radio frequencies have reported some biological effects, including altered gene expression, DNA breaks and even death of animal brain cells.
  • The article goes on to discuss allegations by several U.S. scientists of corporate intimidation, having their work altered, and pressure to soften concerns about potential health risks associated with cell phone use.

    If you're still using a cell phone for anything more than emergency purposes, please read an article that I wrote a few months ago on the dangers of using cell phones on a regular basis.


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