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A Tip On How To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Take a look at the keyboard that sits in front of you. Is it on an angle that is causing your wrists to be an inch or two lower than the rest of your hands? If your hands are extended like this on a regular basis, you are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here are two simple measures that you can take to avoid this:

1. Don't lower the two clips under your keyboard on the side that is closer to your monitor. Lowering these clips will further extend your wrists as you type.

2. If you aren't already doing so, use a keyboard wrist pad, one that can sit in front of your keyboard so that your wrists and hands are about level. With the way that your wrist and finger bones are naturally aligned, it's normal to have your hands be slightly higher than your wrists. The key is that you don't feel any strain on the underside of your wrists.

My wife and I fold up hand towels and use them as keyboard wrist pads.

Of course, this tip is most relevant to those of you who spend more than a few minutes typing away on your keyboards each day.

If you use a notebook computer, use however many towels you need to feel like your hands, wrists, and elbows are not under any strain.


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