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Podcast: How to Overcome Chronic Fear and Anxiety by Dr. Ben Kim

If you are finding it difficult to overcome tendencies to experience fear and anxiety about a health condition or any other aspect of your life, I hope that you realize that you are not alone. Fear and anxiety are emotions that are common to every person's life journey, but especially so for those who are living with a long-standing health challenge.

A short while ago, a gentleman whom I have been working with shared the following thoughts with me:

"I have the hardest time not getting anxious or depressed about my health condition. I know that having so much anxiety about my situation is only worsening it, but I cannot seem to help this.

"If you were in my situation, what would you do? How would you think? How do I overcome the fear that I have that my situation will progress to the worst possible scenario?"

To this person and anyone else who feels this way, I hope that you are encouraged in knowing that you recognize that chronic anxiety and fear are hurting your health. I also hope that you understand how significant it is that you are earnestly looking to experience peace of mind; there are many folks in this world who are too deeply entrenched in chronic fear and anxiety to be able to recognize how harmful these emotions are to their health, and these folks simply may not have the wherewithal at the present time to search for a way out.

To read the full text of this podcast, click here:

How to Overcome Chronic Fear and Anxiety


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