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Portuguese Love Theme from "Love Actually"

Though this video doesn't have any lyrics to sing along with, I'm posting it under "Music & Singing for Health" because taking a 3-minute breather to listen to it with closed eyes, an uncluttered mind, and an unguarded heart is most definitely good for your health. I promise.

The lovely Portuguese Love Theme from Love Actually.

If you haven't seen Love Actually, it's definitely one to put on the list, especially around Christmas time. There are a few goofy moments that I could have done without, but there were several scenes that took me to that universe where the intoxicating highs and devastating heartaches of love abound.


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Dear Dr. Ben,

there is no words to express how your newsletter is so valuable to me, from the recipes to the articles, everything brings me more information, knowledge and encourage me to learn more and more about our bodies and put all my efforts in living a healthy life style.

Being Portuguese, the movie called the attention of the whole Portuguese community everywhere because one of our singers it's actually playing a role there, as a maid, which by the way, I think it's funny because cleaning tasks are something that we do very, very well.
I watched this movie several times and I really really loved it! There is no much more to add, I think you said it all: the different ways of how love may be experienced and lived. I must see, definitely!
I think it's impossible not to be touched by this movie.
The soundtrack is amazing also and this particular song, every time that I listened to it, brings me a feeling of freedom and inner joy, a feeling of releasing something, it opens your heart and it's great feeling! So following your words: it's healthy! :)

Thank you and a great long weekend for all!