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Post-Nasal Drip

A number of clients have asked what can be done about post nasal drip, a condition where excessive mucus gathers in the oropharyngeal region and drips down the back of the throat - this often manifests as a tickle or bothersome presence in the back of the throat that stimulates a chronic cough or a desire to constantly clear one's throat.

In my experience, post nasal drip has two common causes:

1. An environmental stimulus such as a large amount of dust, or pollen released from plants that can trigger seasonal allergies - in such cases, the remedy is to minimize exposure to the offending antigen(s). If exposure to dust indoors is a root cause, I suggest having professional duct cleaning done of one's living space. If pollen is the triggering antigen, I recommend wearing a mask when seasonal allergies tend to come around.

A longer term approach to addressing seasonal allergies, including use of a powerful acupressure point called Spleen-10 is outlined here:

2. An intolerance to some component in food, usually casein or whey - in cases cases, I suggest going 60 days without any form of dairy, including milk, butter, cheese, cream, and all prepared foods that include dairy. Eggs are fine, as they are free of casein and whey.

The takeaway point is that when your body is producing excessive amounts of mucus, it's because there is some stimulus that is causing your immune system to produce the mucus to help protect your mucosal linings and to help eliminate unwanted materials from your system. Rather than suppress this mucus production, it's healthier and more rational to identify and address the root cause(s).

For our Korean readers, post-nasal drip is called 후비루.


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