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Posterior and Anterior Pelvic Tilt for Improved Core Strength

Learning to hold the pelvis and lower back in posterior and anterior pelvic tilt positions is highly beneficial to improving core strength.

You can hold posterior and anterior pelvic tilt positions while lying prone, while on all fours, and while in plank position.

Posterior pelvic tilt requires contraction of the abdominal and glute muscles to round out or flatten the lower back region. When done effectively, you'll feel like your hands and thighs are pressing firmly into the ground.

Anterior pelvic tilt involves contracting your lower back muscles and to some degree, your glutes, to hike the front of your pelvis away from the ground. When done effectively, you'll feel yourself pushing more of your body weight through your knees on the ground, and you'll feel your buttocks rise up behind you.

Strive to hold each position for up to 10 seconds at a time, and alternate between posterior and anterior pelvic tilt positions to improve functional core strength and lumbosacral mobility.

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