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Powerful Points Of Focus

I think most would agree that the world has become highly fractured where many people pledge allegiance to those who share their world-view and are swift to be combative with or cancel all others.

On the surface, when someone comes at us with unkind energy, it can be natural to wonder why that person is so rude or self-centered. Most such people are simply acting out of pent-up frustration, and with online interactions in particular, some can fight or rage without considering other people's humanity.

Anything that we respond with to counter a troll's contentions is likely wasted energy.  To me, the only options that make sense are to either ignore them, or if we are in a place where we can possibly be a catalyst for increased awareness, we might offer empathy. We don't need to agree with another person's world-view to offer the psychological air that people crave.

At the very least, when we respond with some blend of empathy and kindness rather than a desire to set them straight, we give them a chance to consider what constructive and cheerful dialogue looks like.

Clearly, there are some who are too deep into troll territory to connect with on a constructive level, and in such cases, I remind myself that it's never a good use of time to feed the trolls.

And what to do with any feelings of yuckiness that might stay with us after being on the receiving end of negative energy?

What works best for me is to keep my focus on two things:  What I wish to be forgiven for and things that I'm deeply grateful for.

When we walk with genuine remorse and an earnest desire to be forgiven for our shortcomings, it becomes easier to forgive others for moments when they are not at their best.

And when we really take time to reflect on our blessings, we simply don't have much room within to carry others' negative energy.

If I have a new year's resolution, it's to become better at walking with gratitude and remembrance of my need to be forgiven for so many things.

May this new year bring all of us more peace, laughter, forgiveness, and meaningful connection with others.


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