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Preserving Our Energy For People And Causes We Love


A few days ago, I heard from a friend who shared that her young teenage child was on the receiving end of some less-than-thoughtful commentary on a well-intentioned community project she was a part of.  It seems that these days, no cause or age group is exempt from being targeted by keyboard warriors who are eager to politicize everything.

Having had an online presence for close to 20 years now, I am thankful that I learned long ago that as soon as I get even the faintest whiff of toxic behaviour, the best move is to press delete and carry on.

I've learned that there will always be people looking to pick a fight, especially when the grounds are virtual and they have the option to hide behind an alias.  I will no longer allow anyone who approaches me with an inconsiderate spirit to take one extra joule of my life energy. Delete, gone, on to the next. This applies both virtually and offline.

Since I adopted this approach to preserving my energy for people and causes I love, I feel that I've been able to do so much more good in my circle of life. I've learned that when I keep my life relatively free of any vibration that doesn't align with my highest purposes, I am liberated to soar to heights that I previously couldn't have imagined - this is a life lesson that I think is worth sharing with everyone, especially younger people who have more years to consider the value of taking such an approach.

Over time, we become the average of those we choose to interact with most. Take a look at your last 5 personal text messages and e-mails and ask yourself if you are inspired by those you communicated with.

Over time, our values are developed and forged by the media that we choose to consume most. Take a look at the social media accounts that come up most often in your feed and ask yourself if you are better able to access your potential as a human being with those accounts regularly feeding your senses.

Whether we realize it or not, the friends and media we choose to keep in our lives largely determine what we do with our remaining time here.


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